Mario Roffinot began his training in 1987 with Mario Ragosa, a radio-esthesiologist psychic, a Gustavo Roll’s pupil: Roffinot, undertakes with him the holistic disciplines’ knowledge and the vital energies’ study applied to psychophysical well-being.

From 1995 to 2000, his conceptual training expanded his orientation to Bruno Abietti’s teachings: orientalist and ancient martial arts’ master learned in the Asiatic monasteries.

In 1997 the scholastic way, that leads to the first formal recognition, begins. The choice falls on the A.MI. University of Milan, association of operators specialized in bio-natural disciplines. Highly profitable path that ends with a degree in pronotherapy.

2003 is full of meetings that consolidate Roffinot’s multifaceted character: through D’Averio spouses, the therapist learned the Family Constellation technique he has renamed over the years.

“Creative Multidisciplinary Family Constellations”, now his work’s backbone. Why Family? An atmosphere is created during the seminars, where people can feel themselves “at home”: protected as they were in family.

Concrete results are visible from the very beginning, thanks to this working methodology: the trust established between operator and user allows to solve ancient knots that do not permit people to live their life fully. In many cases, hidden talents emerge, forgotten attitudes, character propensities subjected to the contingency of everyday life.

The meeting with the homeopath Umberto Villata, from Turin, and the constellator Francesco Sala, from Bergamo, was fundamental. The story’s incipit sees Roffinot as a student at their seminars. The plot observes a role’s evolution: organizer. This is how the holistic therapist’s career, who is specialized in group work and individual paths, started throughout Italy. The operational practice is based on constant field research focused on energy.

Today, after 29 years of training and practical activity, we can say that the mission is to bring well-being to life through the inner sphere’s rebalancing.

In recent years, I have seen many people change by finding the right path and this makes me very happy. I use a lot of creativity through spontaneous painting, dance and symbols in a mixture of techniques, all in order to help people… I love what I do.


Teaching Assignment (year 2015)

Cultural association of social promotion Corpo di Luce.

Attendance course Family Constellations Certificate of Participation (year 2016)

School of Naturopathy Emerging.

Attendance of courses and modules:

– Ethics and code of practice

– Flower therapy

– Psychobiology

– Spirit of the Trees

– Body mediation techniques